Drapers Field – The Decision!

Drapers Field - to be shut for 2 years

At the Planning Committee meeting this week approval was granted to the ODA to use Drapers Field for 16 months from this September.

In January 2013 Drapers Field will return to the Council. The application included compensation which will be used under a Section 106 agreement to re-provide an upgraded full-size all weather pitch, plus a turfed junior football pitch. There will also be improvements to the Sport England pavilion. Since the Council has decided to carry out the restoration of Drapers Field themselves, it is reported that the Field should be reopened by September 2013.

A Section 111 agreement covers off-site improvements at Marsh Lane and Abbotts Park.


Also, at the last minute, the multi-utility games area (MUGA) in the Church Lane car park was included. The FOCUS Team believes that this facility should not be unsupervised in the middle of the Shopping Centre, and would be better situated on the field next to the Pastures Centre in Davies Lane, a more central locations for residents in 3 wards, Cann Hall, Cathall and Leytonstone.

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