New plans for Marsh Lane Playing Field

Plans have been received by the Council to redevelop the Marsh Lane playing fields. 

The development proposals are: 

  • To construct a new pavilion building, comprising new changing rooms and community facilities following the demolition of the existing pavilion.

  • The football pitches will be relaid and marked out.

  • The existing basketball court will be resurfaced and flood lighting will be installed.

  • There will be relocation and remodelling of existing play space and the introduction of an additional play area.

  • There will be a new car park accessed from Seymour Road and the footpaths will be resurfaced and extra lighting erected.

The funding for this will come from the money given by the Olympic Delivery Authority for the use of Drapers Field till 2013 for a warehousing facility. This, along with other funds, will go someway to alleviate the loss by residents, clubs and schools of Drapers Field.