Labour councillors vote to avoid scrutiny of their policies

Labour councillors at the Councils AGM voted to duck close examination of their policies by excluding Liberal Democrat councillors from six key council committees.In a cynical move the Labour Party voted to reduce the size of each scrutiny sub-committee to just five members, each consisting of three Labour councillors and two Conservative councillors but no Liberal Democrats.

“Labour is running scared of proper scrutiny,” said Liberal Democrat Group Leader Bob Sullivan, who also used the meeting to raise questions about primary school places, the EMD cinema and the Arcade site.
“It is a bad sign that the first act of the Labour administration is to close down debate and discussion. They don’t seem to realise that residents expect councillors to work together on the many difficult challenges facing our area. Despite the problems caused by Labour’s actions the Lib Dem group will continue to speak up for local residents and fight for their interests.”Until last night’s Annual Council Meeting seven councillors served on each scrutiny sub-committee. This would have given the Liberal Democrats one seat on each committee. A Liberal Democrat attempt to halt the change was defeated by the Labour majority.The six scrutiny sub-committees deal with:

  • Children and Young People
  • Health, Adults and Older People
  • Performance Improvement
  • Community Safety and Housing
  • Environment

Leyton High Road eyesore – News update!

The derelict Outlook on the corner of the one way system on Leyton High Road

Plans by the Islington & Shoreditch Housing Association to build 36 flats on the site of the derelict Outlook building in Leyton High Road have been delayed. They are still waiting to get the OK for funding which is expected by the end of June. Residents and visitors to Leyton will now have to wait another few months before this unsightly derelict building gets demolished.

Clegg to deliver change.

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg

Britain is set for real change with the Lib Dems in power for the first time in decades.

Labour chose to go into opposition rather than do a deal with the Lib Dems. The deal the Lib Dems have struck means that vital services we all rely on will be protected. There will be more money for schools and real action to clean up our broken politics.

Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg said, “With the Lib Dems in power, Britain will get real change – just as we promised in the General Election. Things won’t be easy, but with the Lib Dems in Government, local people will have a strong voice speaking up for them in Westminster.”

Nick Clegg says …..

At the election, the people chose to give no party an overall majority. People wanted politicians to put aside their differences and work together to sort out the nation’s problems. But Labour refused to talk seriously about a deal with the Lib Dems – they preferred to let the Tories run things.

Britain needs change – the Lib Dems will deliver this.