PRESS RELEASE: Labour cut free rat catching service

This year the Labour council will bring an end to their free rat catching service by introducing a new charge of £25.

They are also increasing the cost of pest control in other areas, putting up the cost of dealing with mice for those on council tax benefit from £60 to £75, a 22% increase.

Lib Dems have criticised the move saying it will cause more problems than it solves.

Lib Dem Environment spokesperson Councillor Mahmood Hussain said:

“This is a false economy. A growing rat population affects everyone. For every person that is put off reporting rats by this new charge, rats will spread further and faster across the Borough.

“Mice are a growing problem for residents too and it can often take two or three visits before they are cleared from your home, landing you with a bill of hundreds of pounds.”

“Just like their u-turns over parking charges and the living wage last year, it wouldn’t cost Labour much to reverse these bad decisions and back the priorities of residents.”

Lib Dem Leader Councillor Bob Sullivan said:

“Lib Dems will be finding money in our alternative budget to show that the Labour council could cut charges for mice and keep the rat service free if they wanted to.”

Drapers Playing Field – What the Council plans!

Drapers Playing Field - before the Olympics took over!

Planning Application no. 2012/0482/LA

The planning application is due to be heard by the Planning Committee on 2nd. August.


  • Post Olympic reinstatement as a ‘public park’

  • Provision of a junior-sized grass football pitch

  • Relocation of the synthetic turf pitch

  • Formation of play areas

  • Refurbishment of the Sport England pavilion

  • New pathways and landscaping

  • Provision of an Urban Beach

The adult grass football pitch is not to be restored, despite the Council’s own Playing Pitch Strategy accepting that there is a lack of such provision in the south of the borough and stating that all current facilities should be protected. The report to the Planning Committee states that ‘on consideration’ there are insufficient grounds to withhold consent.

Full details can be found on the Council’s website:

Any comments should be sent to:

The Development Manager, London Borough of Waltham Forest, Sycamore House, Waltham Forest Town Hall, Forest Road, E17 4JF

New plans for Marsh Lane Playing Field

Plans have been received by the Council to redevelop the Marsh Lane playing fields. 

The development proposals are: 

  • To construct a new pavilion building, comprising new changing rooms and community facilities following the demolition of the existing pavilion.

  • The football pitches will be relaid and marked out.

  • The existing basketball court will be resurfaced and flood lighting will be installed.

  • There will be relocation and remodelling of existing play space and the introduction of an additional play area.

  • There will be a new car park accessed from Seymour Road and the footpaths will be resurfaced and extra lighting erected.

The funding for this will come from the money given by the Olympic Delivery Authority for the use of Drapers Field till 2013 for a warehousing facility. This, along with other funds, will go someway to alleviate the loss by residents, clubs and schools of Drapers Field. 


Ive Farm Playing Field left derelict!

Ive Farm Playing Field - a forgotten oasis!  

The playing field at Ive Farm was managed by the SCORE complex in Oliver Road. They went bust and the field is now in the hands of the Council, but they continue to lie derelict. Leyton Ward Councillor Bob Sullivan has tried to get the Council to allow the local running club to use the field, but the Council says it does not have any money to make the site safe for use. He will continue to push for the field to be made available to local sports clubs.

Interestingly while there is £5.5 million due from the Olympic Authority for closing down Drapers Field not a penny will go on refurbishing this playing field.



Drapers Field – The Decision!

Drapers Field - to be shut for 2 years

At the Planning Committee meeting this week approval was granted to the ODA to use Drapers Field for 16 months from this September.

In January 2013 Drapers Field will return to the Council. The application included compensation which will be used under a Section 106 agreement to re-provide an upgraded full-size all weather pitch, plus a turfed junior football pitch. There will also be improvements to the Sport England pavilion. Since the Council has decided to carry out the restoration of Drapers Field themselves, it is reported that the Field should be reopened by September 2013.

A Section 111 agreement covers off-site improvements at Marsh Lane and Abbotts Park.


Also, at the last minute, the multi-utility games area (MUGA) in the Church Lane car park was included. The FOCUS Team believes that this facility should not be unsupervised in the middle of the Shopping Centre, and would be better situated on the field next to the Pastures Centre in Davies Lane, a more central locations for residents in 3 wards, Cann Hall, Cathall and Leytonstone.

What do you think?

We would like to hear from you.

Drapers Field – update!

Drapers Field - lost to the community for at least 16 months

The planning application by the Olympic Development Authority (ODA) to use Drapers Fieldis is still to be submitted to Waltham Forest Council’s Planning Committee. News is that it will go to the Planning Committee in August. The information regarding how much compensation that the Council will get, through what is known as section 106 and section 111, has still to be finalised.

The money received will be used to improve Abbotts Park, Marsh Lane and of course Drapers Field.

The good news is that the money allocated to Drapers Field will be to re-instate the all-weather pitch and introduce new landscaping, access, and community sports facilities. This is good news, as previously there was no mention of the all-weather pitch, or sports facilities being replaced, only that Drapers would be turned into a ‘special park’.

Leyton Ward Councillor Bob Sullivan reports that other not so good news  is that the ODA want to chop down two mature trees so that they can get access to the field by their lorries. He has followed this up and it is being challenged by council officers in the tree department who feel that access can be achieved without chopping down the trees. Councillor Sullivan will update again when he receives any further news on this.

Labour’s Attack on Sports!

Despite all their proud boasts that Waltham Forest is an Olympic Borough, and with hire charges overall increasing by 3 to 5%, hire of sports facilities is set to soar:

  • School hire of football and cricket pitches – up 12%
  • Saturday pitch hire – up 23%
  • Leyton cricket ground – up 25%
  • Running a school sports day – up 25%

This is on top of selling off Drapers Field to the Olympic Authority for nearly two years. This is a direct attack by Labour councillors on sport in direct contrast to their claim of ‘more investment’ in sports.